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Day 39



Day 39
October 16, 2015

Today was a modified rest day.  We got off to a very leisurely start in the morning.  About mid-morning I received a call from my good friends at Digital Lightbridge.  They had been in contact with the folks at Duck Commander and arranged a visit for us to the Duck Commander headquarters in Monroe for the afternoon.  Dann and I got ourselves ready for the short 38 mile ride from Ruston to Monroe for a 2:30 pm scheduled visit to Duck Commander.   The ride to Monroe was a beautiful ride along lightly traveled roads through some really pretty farm country.  I thought about my children’s surrogate grandfather (“Gramps Elliott”) who is from this area.   I know he would have enjoyed riding along with me (in a car perhaps!)

We stopped in for a quick lunch at Willie’s Duck Diner (recommended from Linda at Duck Commander) then two blocks down to their headquarters.  We had a nice tour of their operations, I got to sit at Willie’s Duck Commander desk, then met John Godwin who was working on some mallard calls.  He gave Marilyn a quick lesson in building a call (“the inferno” model). The outcome looks good but we were not sure what kind of duck it would call.  We finally decided we had invented a new call for a yet-to-be-discovered game duck.   We appreciate the fine folks at Duck Commander hosting us and their interest in Water Cycle. 

The weather has turned to fall here with a high of 82 degrees today.  The prediction for tomorrow morning is for 48 degrees and high of 72!  This will be great riding temps and we may even have a tail wind.  Our destination tomorrow is Natchez, Mississippi.